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What is certification?

Certification of processed (cut) jewelery stones and jewelery with them is a procedure consisting in confirmation of compliance with the requirements for examination of products.
The result of certification is the issuance of a certificate of conformity.

The complex of analytical and classification work on certification is carried out by certified specialists on the basis of a laboratory equipped in accordance with technical regulations approved by the organization that registered the voluntary certification system.

Why do we need certification?

Certification is carried out for:

  • creating conditions for the activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the field of a single commodity market of the Russian Federation, as well as for participation in international economic cooperation. 
  • protection of the rights of the consumer from the unfair seller.

Thus, certification is necessary to provide market participants with information on commodity products, their quality characteristics and market hierarchy.

Price and types of gemological reports

from 2 800 ₽
Цветные драгоценные камни
from 3 300 ₽
Цветные камни
from 2 300 ₽
Органогенные камни
from 2 800 ₽
Кольца, серьги, подвески
from 2 800 ₽
Браслеты, часы
from 3 800 ₽
from 5 800 ₽

Certification at the Moscow Gemological Center

Certification for a set of technical regulations of the Moscow Gemological Center is voluntary. An integral part of it is the conclusion of an agreement on the provision of services on the basis of the passport data of a client in the case of individuals or a client card - for legal entities.

In the process of certification, a mineral type or type of jewelry stone is established, its quality characteristics are in accordance with the technical regulations of the organization, the main identification signs of the jewelry product are indicated if the jewelry stone is presented for certification as a fixed insert. As additional information, the main qualitative characteristics defined in accordance with national and international technical regulations can be given.

Diamond grading system "MGC" 2016

The system of voluntary certification of the Moscow Gemological Center is based on the technical regulations (standards) of the organization, developed as a compromise option between the technical regulations in force in Russia and international standards, and the rules for evaluating jewelry stones.

Grading system “MGC” is not an international, national, or industry standard. The certification system reflects the point of view of the organization’s specialists on the current situation on the market of processed (cut) gemstones.

MGC reserves the right to make changes to the existing standards.

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