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What is gemmological examination?

Gemological examination is a complex of researches that combines materials science and merchandising expertise of jewelry inserts - precious and semi-precious stones, their synthetic analogues and artificial materials (glass, plastics, etc.).

The material science part of the expertise consists in determining the mineral type and variety of a stone or other material, the nature of its origin and the presence of refining.
The merchandising part consists in determining consumer properties based on visual perception and expressed in qualitative characteristics, determined in accordance with a particular regulatory act.

Kinds of gemmological examination

Материаловедческая часть экспертизы заключается в определении минерального вида и разновидности камня или иного материала, природы его происхождения и наличия факта облагораживания.
Товароведческая часть заключается в определении потребительских свойств, основанных на визуальном восприятии и выраженных в качественных характеристиках, определенных в соответствии с тем или иным нормативным актом.

Виды геммологической экспертизы

Examination can be performed for the jewelry stone in the form of loose jewelry insert, and for the insert installed in the jewelry. In the latter case, an expert gemological conclusion is issued for a jewel, in which the main identification characteristics of the item are indicated and inserts of jeweler stones (or their imitations) are described with current restrictions and tolerances.

Preliminary examination price

 1700 ₽
  • The material definition stones;
  • Determination of linear dimensions and weight of stones (loose stones);
  • A definition of the nature of the origin of the stones;
  • The detection of the fact of presence/absence of treatment.
from 2 700 ₽
  • The material definition stones;
  • Determination of linear dimensions and weight of stones (loose stones);
  • A definition of the nature of the origin of the stones;
  • The detection of the fact of presence/absence of gentrification, its type and degree of impact on stones;
  • The definition of quality characteristics according to the ISO standard.
Additional services
  • The definition of the area of origin of the natural material stones;
  • Definition of additional individual characteristics of the jewelry stones.

How is gemmological examination carried out in the Moscow Gemological Center?

Gemological examination in the laboratory of MGC is carried out in the presence of the client. Clients of the laboratory are accepted by appointment, during which the client is given a certain time in accordance with the volume of the proposed work.

The examination is carried out on a collegial basis in accordance with the regulations and methods of work approved in our organization.

The examination procedure is based on the principle
"From simple to complex"
First, a preliminary examination of the product, insert or stone, then - weighing, measuring, describing the appearance.
Next, tests and definitions are made with the help of the simplest gemological instruments - testers and detectors, and only after that they are studied using more sophisticated gemological equipment (optical, spectral and other types).
After conducting a diagnostic study, the qualitative parameters of the gemstone are classified. At the same time, experts carry out all the work independently of each other. And only in case of discrepancies in particular results, additional experts are involved.

The results of the examination are drawn up in accordance with the approved standards of the organization, which take into account the domestic and international practice of diagnostic and classification examinations.

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