Primary examination

The completion time  from 15 to 45 minutes.
The result is a definition:
  1. Size-weight indices of the insert
    (for inserts without a mount)
  2. Insert material
    (including mineral species or its varieties)
  3. The nature of the origin of the insert
    (natural, synthetic, artificial)
  4. The presence of treatment.


  • Loupe, Gemological lamp – visual inspection, prior sensory information about implementation.
  • Analytical laboratory scales – weighing expertise with an accuracy to hundredths of a gram/carat;
  • Micromemo device – determination of linear dimensions of the object of examination with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter (for loose inserts), or to a tenth of a millimeter (for fixed inserts);
  • The polariscope – definition optical nature of the material of the insert;
  • Refractometer – determination of refractive index of the material of the insert;
  • Time domain reflectometer – definition of the average value of the refractive index of the material of the insert (if necessary);
  • Microskop – determination of the nature of polychroism material inserts;
  • Thermomaster – defining the relative rate of thermal conductivity of the material of the insert;
  • Gemological UV lamp – defining parameters of a luminescence of the material inserts in ultraviolet rays;
  • Specialized testers luminescent properties – define additional parameters on the luminescence properties of the material of the insert;
  • Microscope – study of internal inclusions and inhomogeneities in the material of the insert (including polarized light and immersion in liquids);
  • Instructional and methodological documentation – a set of manuals, guidelines and guidance documents.
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