Where to sell the jewelry?

Jewelry with the platemark of the Russian Federation can be sold in several ways:

- To pawn the jewelry without redemption. The disadvantage of this method is the least profitability, since the pawnshop gets the extra charges in the process of preparing products for public sales, and is also required to store your products for some time (the so-called grace period), which increases the extra charges.

- Purchase. The fastest way to sell jewelry or scrap, but the price for this method of sale is not much higher than the funds received in the pawnshop (the cost of scrap minus the extras of a particular organization).

- Sale through the commission agent (antique, commission jewelry stores). This is the longest way to sell. The advantage is that the seller can set a price corresponding to the market price of the product.

- The sale of jewelry owned by an individual (personal property) to another individual is possible in case if there is no commercial profit from the seller only.

Sale of jewelry by individuals that are not registered as subjects engaged in jewelry trade in the Russian Federation for commercial profit is illegal.