Каковы различия в рыночной стоимости природных и синтетических камней?

The market price of any product is defined by the ratio of demand and supply. However, with respect to synthetic stones one should take into account such factor as the production cost and its profitability.
To grow a complete analog of natural stone in laboratory now is much more costly than to mine a natural stone. And some varieties of jewelry and semiprecious stones (such as charoite, chrome-diopside, and garnets of the pyrope-almandine group, most of topaz and tourmaline, and a number of others) are generally not profitable in production.
So the average price of the most popular jewel inserts from synthetic analogs of natural stones usually does not exceed 10% of the cost of natural stones of the corresponding mineral type with the same quality properties. However, it should be noted that synthetic stones are not complete copies of natural stones and have traces of the corresponding production process.