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The first cut that bore the name of a flower was the "rose" cut, which was a diamond with one or two convex surfaces covered with facets (flat faces), which were most often triangular in shape.

Faceted sphalerite, having a high refractive index, is characterized by high light dispersion, which determines its good play and is an attractive feature of this stone.

When buying jewelry in a jewelry store, we first of all pay attention to its tag and do not think about the fact that some manufacturers and sellers of jewelry stones use very “incorrect” information when compiling it.

The term "Old mine cut" refers to cuts that are close to the "cushion" (cushion) or "circle" shape, referring to the wedge-shaped (diamond) type of cuts.

Nowadays in the jewelry industry the name “onyx” is applied to dark, mostly black, varieties of rocks or minerals formed from varieties of silica.