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On May 1, the day of international solidarity of workers, the second amber nugget weighing 1097 grams was found in the quarry of the Amber Combine.

Among the group of black stones represented by schorl (black tourmaline), spinel and morion, ferberite (a ferruginous variety of wolframite) was identified.

The mineral, which is a zinc analogue of turquoise and discovered in 1953, was named by a group of researchers in 1953 in honor of the American mineralogist George Faust (George Tobias Faust, 1908-1985).

Ekvlaz is a gemstone that is not often found in jewelry due to its very perfect cleavage and high fragility.

We have already written about the use of such minerals of the zeolite family as natrolite and scolecite for the manufacture of faceted jewelry inserts. Now we will consider the zeolites of the heulandite group - heulandites and stilbites.