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More about zeolites

We have already written about the use of such minerals of the zeolite family as natrolite and scolecite for the manufacture of faceted jewelry inserts. Now we will consider the zeolites of the heulandite group - heulandites and stilbites. As a rule, the minerals of these series do not form transparent crystals or areas in crystals suitable for the manufacture of faceted inserts, and are most often used for the manufacture of filters. But often their aggregates have a beautiful pearly sheen in the white variety, and in a number of varieties they have delicate color tones. Such stones look very attractive in a cabochon cut. Their hardness on the Mohs scale is low - 3.5-4, but in the raw materials used for cutting it is compensated by the viscosity of the aggregate. Of course, most often such cabochons can be seen in the form of inserts in inexpensive silver jewelry and most often in earrings.

Other publications

First of all, when we talk about the names of stones associated with the world of fruits, pomegranates come to mind first of all - and this, of course, is a true association.

Nowadays, souvenirs are also made from the shell of ostrich eggs, but such dishes are rare in jewelry, but still exist, and not only from ostrich shells.

The second half of May this year was marked by the discovery of two large amber nuggets Suvorov and Chudotvorets at the Kaliningrad Amber Combine. The first week of summer for the Kaliningrad Amber Plant was fruitful for large nuggets.

Kovdorskite is an aqueous magnesium phosphate and is named after the place of the first find - the Kovdor deposit in the Murmansk region.

Among the collectible faceted black stones, we were shown a sample of enigmatite.