Fakes GIA

In the gemstone market, cases of counterfeiting of certified diamonds having a gia conclusion have become more frequent. The stones are replaced with synthetic ones with the same parameters and engraving on the girdle.
Be careful.

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In mineralogy, there is a relative hardness scale created back in the 19th century. Frederick Moos. It is a set of 10 minerals, the so-called hardness standards, which are located as they increase from 1 to 10.

This ornamental material looks a bit like porcelain - it has a milky white color and pearly luster. In ancient times, this stone personified the purity of the sacred lotus among the peoples of Mongolia, and among the Egyptians it was compared with the petrified milk of the sacred cows.

Cabochon is a type of cut in which a faceted stone takes on a rounded convex shape with a smooth polished surface.

Before sparkling in jewelry, a diamond goes a long way to turning into a diamond. Diamond cutting technology has existed for several hundred years and still remains virtually unchanged.

For the vast majority of minerals found in nature, a manifestation of such a property as birefringence is characteristic. The exception is minerals that crystallize in cubic syngony and therefore exhibit isotropic properties.