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Comparative table

Regulations laboratory is equipped with the expertise on the following evaluation systems:

  • MGC 2016
  • ISO TR 11211
  • GOST R 52913-2008

Expert gemologists Gemological center, Moscow proposed a system of diamond grading (MGC 2016), developed based on many years of experience and taking into account the specifics of the jewelry industry. This rating system, as adapted to the modern market with diamonds and jewelry with them as inserts. The result of this work was the standards of organisation (MGC 2016) and the system of voluntary certification based on the standards of the organization.

System of voluntary certification of Moscow Gemological center (SVC "MGC") # ROSS RU.З1561.04ИЗЧ0 registered in accordance with the letter of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) No. 15262-TC/06 of 10.10.2016 G.

In accordance with the objects of certification are:

  • Diamonds
  • Precious gemstones and semi-precious stones
  • Jewelry (inserts in jewelry)

A comparison of the appraisal systems color and clarity diamonds
weighing up to 0,29 carats

A comparison of the appraisal systems color and clarity diamonds
weighing 0.30 carat

The detailed decoding tables can be found in the section "Standards of organization"

World practice color evaluation is based on comparing estimated color of the stone with reference samples, the color characteristics are taken beyond the boundaries of the color evaluation intervals. This method entails some discrepancy between the leading assessment centers in the determination of gradation of color. One of the ways of unification of color characteristics was proposed by the certification center of the American Gemological Society (American Gem Society – AGS). AGS first proposed a method of quality evaluation of color based on a quantitative measurement using an electronic colorimeter.In our opinion, this approach helps to eliminate the difference in the interpretation of the colour characteristics defined in a particular laboratory. Moreover, since 1995 AGS adapted hardware color measurement in accordance with the color intervals, GIA accepted and reflected in ISO/TR 11211:1995 .

Standards development organizations "MHZ" was carried out on the basis of experience with diamonds, in compliance with the principle of correlation with the Russian GOST and international standard ISO/TR, and taking into account the work of the specialists of AGS.

In the world of the diamond trade is important confirmation of the main evaluation parameters of stone produced in accordance with the rules of one or the other. For this confirmation at the stage of retail and wholesale sales of precious stones are accompanied by documents certifying compliance with the stated parameters.

Outside of the Russian Federation uses several systems of determining the quality of diamonds. Due to their development on a relatively isolated markets, they have some differences, but overall are comparable.

In the US market the most reputable laboratories issuing reports on the Gemological examination, GIA and AGS are who use their own compatible. Among other American Gemological expert organizations is the "EGL USA Gemological Laboratory". This laboratory gradations of purity introduced the category SI3, which has become widely used by traders of diamonds. Currently this category is not recognized leading expert centers, however, there is even reflected in the price lists of the "Rapaport".

Rating system GIA and AGS was formed on one regional market space at close intervals, but are based on different valuation principles. The certification system GIA was formed in 1953 and focused on the traditional approach to evaluating diamonds. Certification AGS system has been basically formed in 1966 on the basis of the traditional assessment approach, but the approach to standardized reference colors based on the data of electronic colorimetry (including arbitration estimates references selected e-calorimeters).Since 1996, in the framework of the harmonization of diamond grading systems of AGS and GIA values of the reference colors in the AGS system is maximally aligned with the standards of GIA (but the definition of their boundaries are set by priority interval colorimetric measurements). In accordance with the rating system implemented by the GIA, the photometric measurements can be taken note of, but are not critical in the qualitative characteristic color of the diamond.