Certification of Diamonds

Certification of  diamond  is the service in the field of gemological expertise. It is relevant for legal entities and individuals as the certificate of conformity is an integral part of the process of sale and purchase made under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Why need certification?

A certificate for a diamond confirms the compliance of your particular stone to the standards used by our laboratory for his Gemological evaluation.

What information does the certificate of compliance for the diamond?
Scheme of diamond cut, which issued the certificate of conformity, including a chart indicating the proportions of the cut
Detailed comments the forensic laboratory about the fact of gentrification, type, and extent of impact (if any)
The full definition of the diamond showing its nature, origin, weight, size, luminescence and qualitative characteristics (color, clarity and cut grade), in accordance with certification standards
The company "MGC" stands neutral between producer, seller and buyer, so customers "MGC" can be assured of objectivity and independence conducted by the Gemological evaluation.

Mandatory attributes of the certificate of conformity are signed by the chief expert gemologist, and the seal of the organization that issued the certificate. The certificate establishes the fact of compliance of your stone requirements of the standards on which the certification. This certificate of conformity is different from the Gemological expertise, which is a final document that reflects the result of the collective work of experts-gemologists, but may not be tied to our system evaluation.

Who need a certificate?

The certificate of conformity for a diamond are interested in how the seller and the buyer.

Seller, ordering a certificate of conformity, obtains the presentation document, which allows to increase the liquidity of the goods, and the buyer purchasing a certified diamond, receives a detailed personalized information about the subject of the purchase.

Types of certificates

Certification of diamonds consists of

  1. The conclusion of the contract for the provision of certification services between Gemological laboratory and the customer on the basis of registration documents for legal entities or passport for individuals
  2. Providing diamonds for examination (in case of availability of data for a diamond, they can also be provided for their confirmation or refutation during the examination)
  3. Validation of the material submitted for examination of the stone is a natural diamond and the determination of the nature of its origin and possible gentrification
  4. Weighing, measurement of linear dimensions, the definition of luminescence, the production quality characteristics (colour and cleanliness) obtained in the result of the examination by a panel of experts-gemologists
  5. Grading of cut (proportions, symmetry and Polish), both visually and with the use of electron-beam proporcionaba
  6. The coordination of the results of the preliminary examination with the client
  7. Photo of the diamond (if necessary)
  8. The entry of a certificate of compliance in the electronic database of Gemological laboratories.

The time required for certification of the diamond, depending on the complexity of the certified object the more unusual diamond physico-chemical properties, the more time it may take certification.