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The lack of deep green and clear emeralds is often compensated by refining stones in color and clarity, as well as synthet ...

In practice, in the trade of marine cultured pearls produced by mollusks of the species Pinctada maxima and Pinctada marga ...

The modern opal market is filled with a variety of stones and products made from them, and prices for these stones can var ...

Usually chalcedony is most often found in the form of an unattractive dull gray or almost colorless variety, however, ther ...

All deposits of fossilized fossilized resins are of exogenous origin, that is, are associated with factors of geological p ...


Actinolite is, at first glance, a discreet rock-forming mineral from the supergroup of amphiboles.

Simpsonite is one of the rare collectible gemstones. This mineral is found in the form of gem-quality precipitates in Australia, Brazil and Zimbabwe.

Today we will talk about three minerals, named after researchers, found in the form of inclusions in sapphire, important for its diagnosis and determination of the fact of heat treatment.

The last of the considered by us minerals, found in charoite and named after geologists, mineralogists and naturalists, is djerfisherite.

Decorative items and personal adornments made of mammalian bones are known from archaeological finds associated with the first people.

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