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Проверка драгоценного камня на подлинность, как правило, заключается в проверке ювелирного камня (вставки) на соответствие ...

When buying a diamond, it is important to understand which components form the price of a diamond. ...

For the first time, the term “Pigeon’s Blood” (“Pigeon Blood”) was introduced by GRS (Gemresearch Swisslab) in 1996 for th ...

The color of most natural topaz is associated with radiation defects in the structure of the crystal lattice of the stone. ...

This note will be useful to jewelry owners who wish to return, exchange jewelry that does not meet the requirements and ex ...


Cases of counterfeit certified diamonds in the gem market

Quite often, stones or products with stones purchased in India are brought to our laboratory, and in most cases the stones are fakes.

Of course, not necessarily.
Gemological examination can be carried out both for loose stones and for stones, which are inserts in jewelry.

To answer, we need to distinguish between two concepts - the mineral species and variety.

The technology of engraving the numbers of expert opinions on diamond gangsters was first used by the US GIA laboratory in the early 2000s

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  • The office is a 10-minute walk from the metro station Ulitsa 1905 goda. Exit to the city on Krasnopresnenskaya Zastava square (last carriage from the center), go through the underpass to the other side Zvenigorodskoe highway (to go to the end of the transition).
  • After exiting the underpass, immediately turn right and go straight at the Zvenigorod highway to the street Sergey Makeev.
  • Not crossing the intersection to turn left. To walk on the left side of the street to the brick building with the air conditioning on the facade (third house after the junction).
  • Go through gate and turn right, the entrance porch under a sign "the Moscow Gemological center".