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All deposits of fossilized fossilized resins are of exogenous origin, that is, are associated with factors of geological p ...

In Russian, the term “amber” is borrowed from Lithuanian from “gintãras” - the name of lithified resin fossils from the co ...

Inclusions in stones is one of the diagnostic signs, because a detailed study of them can often help establish the nature ...

Everyone who ever bought or wanted to buy expensive jewelry with precious stones in the secondary market, faced with the n ...

Verification of the gemstone for authenticity, as a rule, consists in checking the gemstone (insert) for compliance with t ...


One of the most common refining methods is the impregnation of gemstones with natural vegetable oils and resins.

Due to the different nature of origin, natural and synthetic stones have certain properties characteristic of a certain genesis.

The pink-red corals are used in jewelry, carving and sculptures.

Sometimes gemstones such as garnets, chrysoberyl, some beryls and other minerals may show signs of slight heat treatment, usually not able to affect their color and clarity characteristics.

Every year, the determination of the deposit of a precious stone is becoming more and more important in the jewelry market.

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  • The office is a 10-minute walk from the metro station Ulitsa 1905 goda. Exit to the city on Krasnopresnenskaya Zastava square (last carriage from the center), go through the underpass to the other side Zvenigorodskoe highway (to go to the end of the transition).
  • After exiting the underpass, immediately turn right and go straight at the Zvenigorod highway to the street Sergey Makeev.
  • Not crossing the intersection to turn left. To walk on the left side of the street to the brick building with the air conditioning on the facade (third house after the junction).
  • Go through gate and turn right, the entrance porch under a sign "the Moscow Gemological center".