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  • Jewelry will be accepted for examination ONLY pure.
  • Quality characteristics of diamonds above F (color) and VS1 (clean) are defined ONLY for non-pinned panels.
  • In the case when determining the nature of the origin of the insert in the product is impossible, the client is advised to emancipate insert or add the appropriate comments in a Gemological report, indicating that the Genesis of the insert was not determined. Evaluation of the quality characteristics of the insert is similar to natural not refined with faceted stones of the same type.
  • Insert the jewel is described as natural BY DEFAULT. In case of detection of synthetic origin inserts, this fact is reflected in the report.
  • Fancy color Fancy skill on the diamond is determined in raskreplennye.
  • Not faceted mineral samples are to be studied ONLY for the purpose of diagnosis. Evaluation of these facilities is not carried out.
  • Examination and certification are carried out ONLY with the direct provision of the object in the lab.


  • The examination is conducted ONLY on the territory of the laboratory.
  • Expertise at the customer site is NOT possible.
  • The lab indicates the cost of jewelry or cut gems in reports.
  • The lab issues a report based on the opinions or certificates of third parties.
  • The lab identifying alloy and precious metal. The report shows only the link to the mark samples, if available, on jewelry.
  • The lab is acting in the commercial interests of clients because of the independence produced examination and evaluation.
  • The laboratory is NOT involved in transactions of purchase and sale of jewelry or gemstones.